Rahim Charania

Dedicated to the Senior Housing Sectors for over 15 years


Rahim Charania is a licenced Registered Nurse specializing in Geriatrics and Mental Health. He has a Minor in Health Care Administration and several educational courses relating to the Long-Term Care Home and Retirement Home Sector.

He has over 6 years British Columbia Health Care experience and 15 years Ontario Health Care experience. He has produced and presented various health related and leadership training seminars and has worked directly with several professional associations and independent owners/operators within the long-term care, retirement and mental health sectors. Rahim has worked in Supervisory and Management Roles for the majority of his career prior to becoming an expert representing these sectors.

From 2012 to 2020, Rahim personally sought out real estate investments and transformed several properties into licensed assisted and independent living retirement homes for seniors. Rahim realized that the return on investment (ROI) in real estate (time, lift, market demand) and on the business-side is exponential and decided to obtain his real estate license. His nursing experience, industry knowledge, hands on experience, people skills and business savvy have been his pillars of success. Over the years, Rahim helped seniors navigate through the health care sector, assist with the transitioning from home to long term care/retirement and assist with the sale of residential real estate. 

His sphere of influence called upon his services evolving into sales of retirement and long-term care homes, Rahim has decided to expand his focus and experience and utilize his expertise on the seniors housing and mental health sector into his portfolio.

Rahim is considered a leader in guiding clients and customers through the process of buying or selling seniors housing assets. As a result, he has personally facilitated numerous transactions relating to seniors housing with an aggregate dollar volume in the millions.